TWO Malvern mums are set to share their love of languages by starting a French and Spanish school for adults.

Pals Dee Vincent and Mary Middleton, who met at a playgroup three years ago, have decided to make the most of their extra time now their daughters are going to school.

Language for Fun Malvern opens on Monday, September 18, and will offer free French and Spanish classes at the Cube in Albert Road North and the Lyttelton Rooms, Church Street.

Mrs Vincent said they have already had a lot of interest from potential learners.

She said: “It’s very exciting, the amount of interest we’ve had. I think a lot of people are attracted by the ‘no exams, no being put on the spot’ aspect of Language for Fun courses.

“They have bad memories of language classes at school, of being singled out and some have been put off learning a language for 40 years or more.”

The potential linguists are a mix of those who travel a lot or have second homes abroad and those who simply want to make friends.

She said: “We get the travellers, the people who yearn to have a bit of excitement in their lives. They want to have access to a different culture without necessarily going there in person.’’

Learners will study French and Spanish using a stress-free method designed to help them hold fun conversations.

She said: “The classes are very good for helping people get to know each other, because they are all based on conversations about everyday life.”

The two now hope their passion will spread to the rest of Malvern. For more information,