WITH temperatures hitting 30C and summer well and truly here, people in Worcestershire have been basking in the heat all day, but baking in bed all night.

If the heatwave has got you tossing and turning in a sweaty mess, then these tips are essential to make sure you sleep better tonight.

The advice comes from the National Bed Federation (NBF), whose spokesman, Simon Williams, said: "When the sun comes out we can enjoy days in the garden, a picnic and dusting off the barbecue – but we forget the effect the warm days can have on our bedrooms at night.

"A baking bedroom can impact on our comfort and sleep. An ideal bedroom temperature should be around 16-18°C (60-65°F) but it can be difficult to get comfortable and fall asleep in a hot and stuffy bedroom, leaving many suffering from a disturbed night's sleep.

"Your body temperature needs to drop slightly before you go to sleep which is why you just can't sleep when you're too hot."

But you can make a big difference and help ensure a restful night's sleep by following these simple tips:

1. Keep windows and doors open to allow air to circulate.

2. Keep curtains or blinds drawn during the day to keep the sun out.

3. If you've got an attic, try opening the hatch. Hot air rises and this will give it somewhere to go.

4. Get rid of the duvet and blankets – just use a cotton sheet. Or a duvet with a low tog rating.

5. Wear light cotton nightwear. This is actually better than wearing nothing at all as natural fabric will absorb any perspiration.

6. If you've got long hair, tie it back. Hair around your neck can make you feel warmer.

7. Have a cool shower or bath before bedtime to lower your core body temperature.

8. Drink plenty of cold water during the evening and keep a glass by the bed.

9. Avoid too much caffeine, alcohol or a big meal. They can all make you feel hot and steamy in the middle of the night through dehydration and over-active digestion.

10. Put a hot water bottle filled with ice cold water in bed.

11. Cool a pillow case in the fridge before bedtime or try one of the new cooling pillows that are available to buy.

12. Cool socks in the fridge and wear them. Cooling your feet lowers the overall temperature of your skin and body.

13. Use an electric fan – the remedy for 20 per cent of people. If it's really hot, put a tray of ice and a little water in front of the fan which will cool the air even more.

14. Next time you buy a new bed, look out for one that incorporates new temperature regulating technology.

15. And, if you share a bed, make sure it's big enough for two people, so you can sleep without disturbing each other: 5ft wide should be your minimum.