A CANCER sufferer will take to the catwalk in front of 1,700 people at a London fashion show.

Laura Hunter, from Kyre near Malvern will take part in the Breast Cancer Care London Fashion Show in September.

What makes the show unique, is that all of the models taking part have had breast cancer.

The 26-year-old said: "I feel privileged to have been chosen along with 30 others models, out of over 250 applicants.

"It's bittersweet that having a diagnosis of breast cancer can lead you being part of such an incredible opportunity".

"I feel excited and incredibly nervous about the show, as I have lost a huge amount of confidence since diagnosis. "But it is a chance to help represent and raise awareness of breast cancer in younger women, being diagnosed aged 24 myself, and this definitely overrules the anticipated nerves."

"Losing my hair, eyelashes and eyebrows was devastating, but not only that; I lost my whole identity.

"I felt completely unfeminine and I struggled to recognise myself, especially with facing weight gain from steroids and treatment.

"To be able to get up and parade in front of such a large audience will be a huge, yet incredibly liberating challenge."

"I would like to show that despite the ongoing physical and emotional effects of a cancer diagnosis and treatment, you can still feel good about yourself and and you can find a new identity, however much you may miss the 'old' you."

"Being diagnosed with cancer has changed my life and I am grateful for charities like Breast Cancer Care for the support that they provide and the additional focus they place on support for younger women, which is often hard to find.

"My future remains uncertain and I have become more anxious about what lies ahead, with the ‘unknown’ feeling scarier than before.

"Fear, grief, feeling alone and isolated are just a few of the emotional factors that are thrown in with the "cancer package" and every person diagnosed with cancer will experience these + more, regardless of what stage you are at from your diagnosis.

She was diagnosed in July 2015 and has now completed her active treatment, but she will be continuing a hormone treatment called amoxifen for the next ten years, to try and prevent the cancer from returning.

The fashion show takes place on Thursday September 28.

To donate to her cause, go to page:www.justgiving.com/thebreastshow