A WOMAN will throw rose petals into the air during a sponsored wing walk organised in memory of her husband.

Rosie Browse, of Lower Howsell Road, Malvern, said the challenge will coincide with the birthday of her husband, Ian, on Wednesday, May 24.

The 64-year-old has set up the wing walk in a bid to raise money for cancer after he husband died from the disease in 2011.

The activity will see Ms Browse flying at a speed of up to 100-miles-per-hour while strapped to a plane.

She hopes to raise around £1,500 and has already gathered over £900 from family, friends and colleagues.

"Ian used to buy me red roses on Valentine's Day. I'm going to be throwing rose petals when I'm doing it," she said.

"I've never done one before. I like a challenge.

"I'm not that nervous as I have something to do it for. I'm looking forward to it.

"I've done car racing, sailing and I've been in a hot air balloon."

Despite these adventurous activities Ms Browse said she does have a limit and refuses to attempt a bungie jump.

She hopes to use the money she raises to buy batteries for Electrolarynx devices, which help throat cancer survivors to speak again.

She also wants to buy nebulisers, which enable people to inhale medicine.

Ms Browse applied for the wing walk at Christmas after her uncle told her about it.

Her husband Ian Browse was born on May 24, 1950, and married Ms Browse in 1979.

He died from throat cancer and Ms Browse has been fundraising to tackle cancer since his death.

Her plane will take off from Gloucestershire Airport.