MALVERN College is to host a second annual conference for school leaders of primary and preparatory schools on mental health.

The talk in September will feature experienced educationalists from Malvern College and ‘The Self Esteem Team’ who have advised government and over 300 schools.

They will present the latest well-being strategies which nurture a positive and proactive school culture and help children establish firm foundations for a successful education and a fulfilling adulthood.

Themes to be explored and explained during the day will include active listening and using student surveys, Affective Social (AS) Tracking, promoting a positive body image, mental health first aid, keys to a successful life skills programme, mindfulness classes, effective pastoral care, the transition to senior school, and preparing children to manage the world that they live in.

Antony Clark, headmaster of Malvern College, said: "Issues relating to teenage mental health have quite rightly been prominent in the media recently.

"This second annual conference will help ensure that as we, as school leaders, share best practice and understand how to help our pupils manage the increasing pressures of the modern world.

"Well-being is at the heart of what we do as we seek to encourage qualities such as resilience, collaboration, curiosity and ambition through an extensive academic, co-curricular and mental health programme.”

The conference will be open to school leaders and heads from both the state primary and independent preparatory sectors.

More information can be found at or by contacting the conference organiser, Tom Newman by emailing