A HOMEOWNER has vowed to address residents' complaints and repair his wall after it collapsed into the road.

Malcolm Robson's garden wall fell into Eaton Road, Malvern Wells, in January, leaving tonnes of earth and rubble in the road.

The road was closed after the incident and Mr Robson was ordered to carry out repairs by the county council.

He hoped to start the work in February however delays with his stonemason have meant that work was put on hold.

The 57-year-old said: "No work has been done other than an assessment by the builders.

"The stonemason's reason why they haven't done anything is because they are on other jobs. It's going to cost tens of thousands of pounds."

Mr Robson said repair work will take about 12 to 16 weeks and will begin on Monday, March 27.

He said a specialist who is experienced with Malvern stone walls is required to carry out the work as the wall is still a hazard.

"I understand the issue is the need to get stone out of the road but we have to deconstruct the wall as it's dangerous," he said.

"It's very inconvenient for everybody. We have moved as fast as we can.

"It won't be too long until the pedestrian path will be open and possibly one lane of the road."

He said the builders hope to open up the pedestrian path during work and potentially one lane of the road.

Neil Chatten, the chairman of Malvern Wells parish council, said: "The parish council does share local residents' concerns.

"We have discussed it with the county council and hope it can be resolved as soon as possible."

Lucy Hodgson, who represents Malvern Wells on the county council, said: "I think residents have been frustrated by it.

"He's had to get a contractor as it's the home owner's responsibility. It doesn't just happen straight away, it's not a quick process.

"There's now a road closure in place for it and a proper diversion in place.

"I think the hope is that at the end of April it will be cleared."