A TOWN councillor has resigned although she hopes to return to the chamber when her life becomes less chaotic.

Catherine Badham emailed the clerk of Upton Town Council on Tuesday, March 14, with her decision to resign because of family and work commitments.

A notification of the resignation will now be put on the council's noticeboard at Memorial Hall, in Old Street, Upton.

An application form for the position will be available in about two weeks’ time with councillors choosing the successful candidate.

Ms Badham, aged 40, said: "It's a total eye opener but interesting and on the whole quite fun.

"I'll rejoin, if they'll have me, when life becomes less chaotic but a full time job and a young family has become too much."

She notably criticised other councillors for 'infantile behaviour' at a council meeting in October and noted that debates often descended into 'bickering, side swiping and conversation'.

Cllr Betty Williams said: “I am very sorry that Catherine Badham has found it necessary to resign.

“I have been part of council life since 1979 and many times the urge to pack it in has come over me.

“I agree with the comments that the council needs new blood and it does not always mean that new blood needs to be young.

“There are plenty of people young at heart and in retirement who would be good candidates for the future of the town.”

Ms Badham, aged 40, was the youngest councillor in the chamber and was co-opted into the council in October 2015.

If over ten residents request an election for the position the councillor will not be co-opted.