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Statement from Worcestershire County Council:

Almost 6,000 pupils from Worcestershire County Council's 29 high schools received their GCSE exam results this morning. 

Although it is difficult to compare 2014 and 2013 results due to changes in the examination system, first indications show a slight drop in this year's GCSE results. Based on the submission of 27 out of the 29 schools in Worcestershire, the percentage of students achieving 5 or more A*-C grades including English and Mathematics is provisionally 58.9%, showing a drop from 2013's figures of 62.9%.

The percentage of students attaining A*-C grades in any subjects has dropped from 84.2% in 2013 to 70.1% this year.

A detailed breakdown of results and comparisons with other Local Authorities and national averages will be available in October. A breakdown of the achievements of specific groups across Worcestershire, including how the county's Looked After Children performed, will be provided at this time.

In November 2013 the then Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, announced that only a student’s first entry to a GCSE examination would count in their school’s performance tables. This change was made to address the recent significant increase in the number of students taking exams early as evidence showed that those candidates entered early for exams perform worse overall than those who do not, even after re-sits are taken into account.

Additionally, there has been a move towards a greater emphasis on the end of course exams and away from course work. This will affect some schools more than others. In particular, there has for long been an element of speaking and listening in English GCSE that has been assessed by coursework, which has now been removed.

Liz Eyre, Worcestershire County Council's Cabinet Member for Children and Families said: "Despite initial figures indicating a drop from the previous year in overall outcomes, it is good to hear that over 70.1% of the county's students have risen to the challenge and achieved a great range of top marks. This outcome is a real reflection of the hard work of pupils and the dedication and support from teachers, families and all those concerned."

Choices for School Leavers in 2014

This academic year is the second year of new choices for Year 11's as students have to continue to participate in education or learning, once they have finished their GCSEs.  

Year 11 leavers have to make a choice about where they are going to undertake further study.  The options include school or a sixth form college, a further education college or embark on a work based study programme or apprenticeship. Work without formal accredited training or being unemployed is no longer be an option.

Advice and guidance on training opportunities should be discussed with the designated adviser in schools but support can also be provided through the County Council's Post 16 Engagement Team.

Alternatively, the 2 Counties Training Team can offer support and training opportunities for 16 to 18 year olds and can  be contacted on 01905 613882.



Toby Austin, Kate Evetts and Oli Gaston celebrate their results from Hereford Cathedral School.

Malvern Gazette:


From Hereford Cathedral School:

Ledbury residents Felix Jones and Olivia Wilde celebrated today at Hereford Cathedral School as they picked up their GCSE results. 

Collectively these two pupils recorded an astonishing 11 A*s, 10 As and 1 B, while balancing their studies with a whole host of fantastic extra-curricular opportunities offered at the School.

This year, pupils at Hereford Cathedral School have again achieved excellent GCSE results with nearly a quarter of all candidates achieving either an A* or A grade in every subject that they studied. Emma Parry-Jones and Maisy Spalding were two of six pupils who achieved at least 11 top A* grades with Eliza Baring, Helen Bennett, Rachael Kennedy and Anna Sweetman being awarded 12 A* star grades. Eliza, Helen, Rachael, Anna and Maisy’s grades also included an A** (double star) grade for Additional Maths.     

In total 22 out of the 93 Year 11 pupils achieved all A* or A grades in the subjects they studied. Not to be out done by the high performing girls, Toby Cotton, Jo Moore, Matthew Owen, Conor Porter, Toby Austin, Ed Harris and Geraint Downing all achieved at least 10 straight A*/A grades. Almost a third of all Hereford Cathedral School results were at the top A* grade, with 59% of all grades being at A*/A.  Over 80% of all grades achieved were above a B grade. 

The School’s GCSE results have remained excellent in the ‘traditionally difficult’ subjects such as the Sciences, English and Latin.  The Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Music Departments are delighted that this is the eighth year running that their students have achieved all A*-C grades.

Paul Smith, Hereford Cathedral School’s Headmaster, said: “These are excellent results and I am delighted for the pupils, the staff and, of course, the pupils’ parents.”

“These GCSE results continue the pattern set by our A Level students last week, and explains why the School is increasingly recognised as one of the leading schools in the country.”

“I look forward to welcoming back current and new students to what will be our biggest ever  Sixth Form, clearly demonstrating the confidence that students and parents have in the School helping students to achieve outstanding A Level grades, and securing places at the university of their choice."


Hereford Cathedral School students Emma Parry-Jones, Helen Bennett, Maisy Spalding, Rachael Kennedy and Anna Sweetman.

Malvern Gazette:


Droitwich High School students (left to right) Elliot Linney (8 A* & 3As), Don Pickworth (6A* & 6As) and Ross Kirkpatrick (1A*, 8As, 2Bs).

Malvern Gazette:


(l-r) Charlotte Roe (4 A*, 8As), Alice Wilson (7A*, 5As) and Abbie Brass (7As).

Malvern Gazette:


Samuel Heywood (12 A*) and Imre Juhasz (9A*, 2As).

Malvern Gazette:


(left to right) Bowbrook House School students Robert Purslow, Ellie Done, Libby Britten and Jake Cornish, celebrate their results.

Malvern Gazette:


CHRISTOPHER Whitehead Language College saw 100 per cent of students gain five A* to G in their results.

Sixty-seven per cent of students gained five A* to C grades and 14 students each gained ten A*s.

Headteacher Neil Morris said: "We have got some superb results and I'm especially pleased with results from the maths, science, history, geography, R.E and dance departments."



RGS students Amelia Jones and Georgina Hamilton celebrate their results.

Malvern Gazette:



RGS Worcester is pleased with the performance of pupils at GCSE and IGCSE and the individual success stories within that. 

Six pupils gained 10 or 11 straight A*s and 26 achieved all A*/A grades.

Overall the results at RGS were in line with previous years, with close to 60 per cent of grades awarded at A*/A.

John Pitt, headteacher, said: “It is difficult to interpret GCSE and IGCSE results at the moment since Examination Boards have warned of “volatile” results this year. It is not clear at present what this means and we will certainly be keen to find out the national picture.

"We are pleased with our results which are much in line with expectations, and we should congratulate the pupils for their hard work and commitment as well as the staff who have gone the extra mile for them.

"I do feel that pupils over the next few years are in the rather difficult position of being unable to measure their performance against any benchmark, especially given that they will be competing for the same jobs as those who have gone through the exam system already.

Malvern Gazette:

Hannah Sutton, Laura Curtis, Toby Messervy-Whiting, Thomas Elgar, Nick Humphries and Amelia Jones celebrate their A*s.


The King’s School has congratulated its 139 pupils who are celebrating their GCSE results today.

In all, 61 pupils achieved an A* or an A in 9 or more subjects, and 70 pupils (over half of the cohort) had at least 8 of these top two grades. 67% of GCSEs were passed at A or A* and 38% of passes were at A* grade. All pupils taking GCSEs this year at King’s gained at least five passes from A* - C.

Matthew Armstrong, headteacher, said: “These results confirm that this is has been a remarkably dedicated year group who have approached their studies with the highest levels of diligence. These are also the product of the excellent teaching at King’s which seeks to inspire young people to learn and motivates all to do their very best. This GCSE success ensures that these pupils have the best foundation for A level and university applications in the future.

"I congratulate in particular the fourteen pupils who gained A* grades in 10 subjects: Theo Beever, Laura Brewis, Thomas Briggs, Henry Campion, Lara Drew, Beatrice Howarth, Helen Rimell, Kathryn Smith, Daniel Stock, Thomas Whitworth, Lydia Burrows, Imogen Jury, Georgiana Malin, Kaushik Rai. Such exceptional levels of achievement are commendable and they endorse the view that where expectations are set at the highest level, pupils will rise to meet them.” 


Students at The Chantry School in Martley, were celebrating their GCSE results today.

Among the outstanding results achieved were those of Ellen Reakes-Williams (11A* grades), Jessica Aps (9 A* and 2 A grades), Tom Cartwright (6A* and 6A grades), Jamie Bates (6A* and 5A grades) and Jonah Edmonds (6A* and 6A grades).

Overall the school achieved a ‘headline’ figure of 72 per cent 5A*C grades, including English and Maths.

Headteacher, Andy Dickenson, said: "We are delighted with our pupils results. There have been some outstanding individual successes, but we are very proud of all of our pupils. It is a credit to their hard work, and that of the staff, that we once again are seeing an excellent performance at the school.

"Pupils have faced some additional challenge this year, in the face of many changes to the exam system including some after the courses started. The pupils have shown great determination and we are pleased their efforts have been recognised."

Left to right: Will Evans, Joe Grange, Josh Williams-Howells and Tom Ransford enjoying their success.

Malvern Gazette:


70% of students gained five or more GCSEs including English and mathematics, with10% of all GCSEs awarded at the top A* grade, and 28% awarded at either A* or A at Hanley Castle High School


Malvern College recorded a GCSE haul of 60% A* to A grades. A third of all results were A*s and twenty-seven pupils scored six A*s or more.


98% of girls gained 5 or more grades A* - C including Maths and English with 97% attaining 5 or more grades A* - C including Maths, English and Science, at Malvern St James' Girls School


 48.2 percent of students at Dyson Perrins achieved 5 x A*-C grades including Maths and English


The Chase celebrates its best ever GCSE results after 72 percent of students achieved five grades A* to C, including Maths and English,  while 78 percent achieved five grades A*to C.


Bishop Perowne School students Emily Hardy, Naimee Tudge and Charlotte Gwilliam are pleased with their results. Picture by John Anyon.

Malvern Gazette:


Smiles all round: Bishop Perowne students Penny Ashmore, Will Hodges, Aaron Hudspith, Katy Fellows, Erinn Melville and Chloe Matthews celebrate their results. Picture by John Anyon.

Malvern Gazette:





Happy students receiving their results from Nunnery Wood High School.

Malvern Gazette:

Malvern Gazette:

Malvern Gazette:

Malvern Gazette:






Pershore High School students certainly raised the roof with their results.

Malvern Gazette:

Samuel Godber, Rhiannon Hornett, Heather Boocock, Megan Wardle and Samuel Bradnick celebrate their results, whilst ‘happily’ donning hard hats.

Whilst the £3.4 million refurbishment proceeds around them, Pershore's Year 11 class of 2014 (250 students) has secured a five A* to C rate (including English and Mathematics) of 63%, an improvement of 3% on last year's performance. 76% of entries are at grades A* to C. 5 A* to C performance without English and Mathematics is 71.2%.

High grade performance has also risen, with 9.3% of grades being at A*, and 16.2% at A. Overall A*/A performance is up to 25.5%.

Head teacher Clive Corbett says:  "Given the increasing rigour of GCSE examinations, another year of improvement is very pleasing. The headline figures of course mask a huge number of extraordinary individual successes, achieved by hard working students supported by very committed staff. I would again like to congratulate all concerned – their fabulous achievements are all the more laudable given ever more demanding national expectations. Well done to the students and to the staff who supported them.”


Year 11 students at Queen Elizabeth Humanities have continued the trend of past years in performing well above the national average and the Government’s Benchmark in their GCSE results with 65% achieving 5 or more GCSEs including English and Maths at grade C and above.

Dr Goodman, Headteacher of the school said, “We are extremely proud of our students in their achievements once again this year. They have been a delightful group of youngsters to work with and have always shown that they are keen to perform to their highest ability.

Among the top performing subjects were English (85%), Maths (69%) and Science (66%). It was especially pleasing that this year, 19 students achieved C+ in Latin, after just three years of study. This year 28% of students also achievement the English Baccalaureate. Special note must be made of Danielle Brunsdon who, in addition to 12 straight A/A* grades also passed Dutch (C) and Afrikaans (B) whilst still in Year 8. This gives Danielle four language grades.

Malvern Gazette:
Left to Right - Alex Lane, Alice Herbert, Sioned Williams, Oliver Jackson, Lorna Wiliams, Danielle Brunsdon.

Queen Elizabeth Humanities College has made huge strides in improving the achievement of their students over a number of years. Dr Goodman continued, “We were determined when we took over the leadership of the school to show that our students were no different to those in other high performing schools in the county. We immediately took steps to bring that reality into effect. Over the past five years we have worked with staff, students and parents to ensure that the Bromyard community can be extremely proud of the achievements of its children in terms of academic success.”




Dodderhill School in Droitwich is celebrating another fantastic year of GCSE results today with 100% of Year 11 pupils securing five or more GCSEs, including Maths, English and Science.

An impressive 82% of grades were A*, A, or B and over one third of the girls achieved nine or more GCSEs at A* and A grade. Of eight girls that sat three separate science exams, there was 100% pass rate at A* and A grades.

Setting the standard for their peers, four pupils, including Head Girl, Kate Edgington, and Deputy Head Girl, Eleanor Kinsman, achieved A grades in As level Maths – an examination not usually undertaken until six form Year 12.

Malvern Gazette:

GCSE celebrations - L - R Kate Edgington Eleanor Kinsman and Rachel Drage with Cate Mawston

Cate Mawston, Headmistress of Dodderhill School comments: “This year’s results are absolutely fantastic and we’re thrilled with the grades that our girls have achieved. They should all be extremely proud of themselves, they have worked so hard and this is such a great accomplishment for them and a sound foundation on which to build their futures.


“At Dodderhill we pride ourselves on creating a stimulating and nurturing environment for all our pupils – whether they’re six or sixteen years old. This is reflected in the consistently outstanding examination results achieved year on year, and is testament to all that we do.”



In Redditch pupils are also celebrating.

RSA Academy Arrow Vale is reporting record A*/A grades in English and maths and 57% of students achieved A*-C in English and maths.

Also, record numbers achieved the English Baccalaureate, and 100% of students achieved at least 5 qualifications for the first time ever at the school.

Guy Shears, principal, said ‘We are incredibly proud of our students, who have worked so hard to gain their grades.

"We are especially delighted that the progress measures in English and maths that enabled us to secure an outstanding judgment from Ofsted this year have been maintained by the class of 2014 - in fact the students making better than expected progress has gone up again.

"All of this has been achieved by our students in an educational climate that is becoming very difficult to succeed in.’

Individual performances included Matthew Chandler – 5A*, 4 A, Alex Fryer – 5A*, 4A , Lucie Mottet –  4A* 5A, 1B and Ruth Simpson – 3A* 5A, all of whom studied separate sciences, a humanities subject, a modern foreign language and English literature.

Malvern Gazette:

Left to right: Ruth Simpson, Lucie Mottet; Xena Hanley; Alex Fryer






Staff at Bishop Perowne College are pleased that so many of their students have achieved GCSE A* and A grades in English language, English literature and maths this year.

Headteacher, Julie Farr, said: "Our students have every reason to be proud of their results. Our firm emphasis on students achieving at least five good GCSEs in core academic subjects including English and mathematics has led to considerable success with a greatly increased number of students achieving A* and A grades in English language, English literature and mathematics.  One hundred per cent of students achieved A* to C grades in the separate sciences, physics, chemistry and biology with 48 per cent of students achieving A* and A grades in physics and 40 per cent in biology and chemistry.  

"We are pleased that 100 per cent of those who took option subjects including psychology, PE, catering, food technology, music, performing arts and ICT achieved A* to C grades with many performing at the top level.  Design and Technology results have improved again this year which bodes well for our new GCSE in engineering which we will deliver in partnership with Yamazaki Mazak.

"We are thrilled with the results in Humanities with 50 per cent of grades in geography, 40 per cent in history and 30 per cent in religious education being top A* or A grades.

"Forty one per cent of our students achieved at least one A* or A grade with some students achieving nine or more A* grades. Some of our year 11 business studies students passed AS level with William Hodges and Aaron Hudspith achieving top A grades.

“We are equally proud of those students who did not achieve top grades, but surpassed their previous best. We are grateful to staff who gave unstintingly of their time to bring about the best for our students and to parents and carers for their support.

"There have been many changes in education and exam regulations this year but we are confident that our students' good results will give them choices for the future and wish them well."


Students at Holy Trinity School in Kidderminster are celebrating after retaining a 100% pass rate with 94% of students gaining 5, A*- C grades at GCSE following this year’s examination results.

Top performers were: Alexa Wittkop who achieved 11 A* and 2 A grades, Jenny Bateman  secured 9 A* and 3 A grades and Lucy Moles attained 6 A*and 3 A grades.

Malvern Gazette:

51% of all Holy Trinity students attained A and A* grades whilst 81% of all students achieved A*, A and B grades.

The best performing department overall was Art and Textiles which achieved 100% A*- B with 80% of grades A*- A.

Of those students taking Music GCSE 2-years early, 100% achieved A* - C grades, with 41% achieving A* - B.

Malvern Gazette:

L to R: Delighted with their GCSE results, (GCSE3) Alexa Wittkop, Jenny Bateman, (front) Lucy Moles, Alice Foster, Lydia Green. (back row) Arabella Withers (back centre), Stephanie Whitby and Mary Anderson.


Holy Trinity School’s Headteacher, Mrs Pam Leek-Wright, stated: “We are delighted for all our students who have gained such outstanding results.

“We congratulate each and every one of them, and their personal achievements are positive testament to the dedication and hard work of both students and our staff.”



Staff and students at Nunnery Wood High School are celebrating the school's best ever GCSE results this year.

Sixty-nine per cent of students achieved the benchmark of five A* to C grades including English and maths – the school’s highest ever figure and an improvement of six per cent from last year.

Headteacher Alun Williams said: "We are absolutely delighted with this year’s results and to have achieved these record figures in the national context of tougher GCSE exams is fantastic. 

"Our students have worked really hard for these results and they thoroughly deserve their success. Nunnery’s staff also deserve significant praise for all of the hard work that they have put in to helping our students achieve so well. Well done to all – we couldn’t be happier."


The Exam Results Helpline is open to provide advice and support to students (and their parents) picking up GCSE results today. Careers advisers are ready to provide impartial guidance to students who are unsure what to do next.

John Carberry, a careers adviser who has worked for the service for over 25 years said: “A lot of the young people we speak to often aren’t aware of any other options available to them apart from their school’s sixth form. In some cases sixth form isn’t the ideal progression for students as the leap from GCSE to A Level studies can be significant and very challenging. That’s where we come in – to guide each individual on what’s best for them.”

Careers advisers at the Exam Results Helpline (ERH) provides advice on subject choices at sixth form as well as information on other potential options for students including local colleges that are available and apprenticeships in the area.

The Exam Results Helpline – 0808 100 8000 - has been open for 6 days and has already helped more than 5,000 students.

John added: “Some students who call the line are just simply confused. If they haven’t got the grades they were predicted or have done better than expected it can throw them off their plans. They want to talk things through with someone experienced. Anyone who is unsure what to do next should give us a call.”

If you are getting your results today and you want to talk to someone impartially and confidentially you can call 0808 100 8000 or find the Exam Results Helpline on Twitter or Facebook.

Further information including opening hours at





Thomas (left) and Adam Ballett (right) celebrating at Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College.Malvern Gazette:


Lily Moffatt (left) Charlotte Cound (centre) and Rebekah Bennett (right) celebrating at Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College.


Malvern Gazette:


Headmaster of Bowbrook House School in Peopleton, near Pershore, Chris Allen says he is extremely pleased with this year’s results.

“In the first year of the linear exams I am delighted that the students’ efforts have been rewarded. They and the staff, have achieved 100% pass rate at GCSE again this year with nearly 76.7% of those grades being A* - C. It is extremely pleasing to see 70.4% of our pupils gaining 5 GCSE grades at A* - C  including both English and Maths.”

Sarah Harfield Deputy Headteacher and Head of Maths was delighted “We had a 96% pass rate in Maths this year across the whole of Year 11, with 37% of those at A*/A.”

Mr Allen, Headmaster was full of praise for a number of departments; “Physics, ICT, Geography, Physical Education, French, Business Studies, Humanities and Classics all deserve praise as they achieved 100% pass rates at A* - C Which is excellent!”



Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College, in Timberdine Avenue, Worcester, is celebrating after 67 per cent of students achieved five or more A* to C grades at GCSE, including English and Maths.

Nine per cent of students recorded an extremely impressive 10 or 11 A* or A grades in their exams.

Principal Sean Devlin said: "Overall we are very pleased with the results. They are a testament to the hard work of staff and the support of parents.

"We have many very happy students this morning, there is a massive buzz around the place."


THE wait is almost over for young people around Worcestershire.

Students can collect their GCSE results from 9.30am onwards.

Send us your stories and pictures to and we'll feature them in our live blog.

Good luck!

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