"FREAK" bamboo canes have shot up in a surprised home owner's garden.

Mick Jones, 72, of Suckley Road, Leigh, says he was "surprised" to see the canes shoot up to such heights after he planted the seeds ten years ago.

Mr Jones, who used to be a keen gardener before becoming ill, said: "I planted the seeds about ten years ago, and here they are now nearly 30 feet tall. I can't believe it, they've just shot up.

"We have got a lot of bamboo canes in the garden, but there's about ten of them which have grown way more than I expected.

"Usually they clump bamboo canes only grow to about 10 to 15 feet, so it's a very nice surprise."

Mr Jones says he doesn't know what the secret to growing monster bamboo canes is.

"I have no idea what's happened with these. I've done nothing different with them than I have any other plants and or canes I've had. I was told when I bought them behaviour patterns can be change after around ten years, and they weren't wrong.

"I couldn't give anyone else tips, I think it's just a bit of a freak thing."