AN author has stepped into the world of children's books and has seen her first title hit the shelves.

It was written by Mrs Kate Poels, a former St Joseph's Primary School and Chase High School student, after she was inspired to get into children's books by her own young daughter, and it was released for general sale at the beginning of August.

"Zachary Mackerel" tells the story of a ten year old girl who is having a hard time at school from her mean teacher and school bully, but discovers a rude and cantankerous genie with whom sets out for revenge.

The 37 year-old, who now lives in Reading, said: "I have written a number of adult books, and they are on Kindle, but this is my first that has been published in paper-back, so it's very exciting to see on the shelves.

"The book seems to be doing very well, it has sold out twice.

"I have always written, and write every night. One particular night, my daughter asked me to write a children's book, so I did.

"Writing children's books is a very enjoyable experience, as it's the wackier the better and you can just let your imagination run wild. It's a really nice release compared to writing formally for adults, and will appeal to fans of Roald Dahl and David Walliams."

Mrs Poels left Malvern at 18, took a gap year before moving to London for university where she began training as a nurse, before re-training as a teacher in Reading.

It is here she has stayed since. She has gone onto marry and have two children.

She is set to return to Malvern in the last week of October, during school's half-term, and will appear at Great Malvern Library during 'meet the author' week.

The book is available to order from most book shops, as well as Amazon, and to download on Kindle.