PLANS for a new mini-supermarket on Malvern's newest housing development are likely to get a mixed reception, says one community leader.

Sainsbury's has put in a planning application to open up one of its Sainsbury's Local stores on the Malvern Vale estate off Leigh Sinton Road.

The application says the store will have 260 square metres of retail space, and calls for opening hours of 7am to 11pm, seven days a week.

Chris Reed, manager of the nearby Malvern Vale Community Centre said: "I would say a majority of people on the estate want a shop and will be pleased that a planning application has been made.

"But those living in the immediate vicinity of the shop are concerned, particularly about the opening hours. They are worried that having it open to 11 at night will attract problems associated with alcohol and people hanging around."

Malvern Vale, which has about 400 houses, was built on the old North Site defence technology establishment.

Andrew Manger of Sainsbury's said: "Our proposal will add to community facilities and make a positive contribution for residents and businesses. It is Sainsbury’s priority to be a good neighbour."

If approved, the shop will be opened by mid-2015 and will create 25 full- and part-time jobs.