THE ambulance service has issued advice to cyclists to stop them getting injured or killed on the roads this summer.

The West Midlands Ambulance Service has issued the advice to cyclists during Road Safety Week, including wearing a helmet, reflective clothing and having lights on their bike, especially at night.

Other advice to cyclists includes positioning themselves correctly on the road and maintaining their bikes.

Nick Crombie, medical lead for Midlands Air Ambulance, said: “I can’t see any reason why someone wouldn’t want to wear a cycle helmet, it just makes perfect sense to me doing this job, but whether people do or not is entirely an individual decision.

“Children, however, are not as aware of traffic, they’re not aware of the rules of the road and the highway code as well as adults are, and they end up disproportionately having more cycling accidents than any other age group.

“Whether or not you choose to wear a helmet is up to you but please make your children wear a helmet until they are old enough to make their own decision.”