A MALVERN rugby club "legend" has died, and his close friend has paid tribute.

Phil Davis was a life-long supporter of the club and was made an honorary life member, he also played for the rugby club too, believed to be as a prop.

Jim Willerton, who is also a life long honorary club member played with Mr Davis, and says he will be sadly missed.

Mr Willerton, 83, who now lives in London, said: "Phil was a very likeable guy, there was no harm in him and he'd do anything for anyone. He'll be missed by all who knew him.

"I was at the club already when Phil came over to us in 1960. He was playing for Tewkesbury at the time. He was a good player in his day.

"Everyone got on with Phil, and I remember his stag-do. That's a night no one will forget.

"His playing days all but finished when we were up in Birmingham playing a team from that area. It was freezing cold, we were getting absolutely pummelled and it was hammering it down with rain. Phil just got up from being tackled, looked at me and said "what am I doing?" and that was that.

"He continued to be important for the club, and was made club trustee from 1967.

"We remained friends until I moved away, then contact naturally dwindled a little as we got older, but it's very sad indeed. He's certainly a legend in my eyes."

Malvern Rugby Club confirmed Mr Davis passed away on Friday, July 11- it is unknown what family Mr Davis is leaving behind.

The club released a statement saying they owe him a "great debt" for playing his instrumental part in negotiating with the then Malvern Council for the lease of Spring Lane, the club's present site, in 1974.

David Robins, president of Malvern Rugby Club, said: "It's always very sad to lose a club member who has been very loyal over the years.

"Even though I didn't know Mr Davis very well myself, I am very aware how highly regarded he is at the club and how hard he worked for the club. He shall be sadly missed."

His funeral is scheduled for Monday, July 28, at St.Edburga's Church, in Leigh, from 12pm.