LEAKING water has caused several large holes to appear outside a home in Madresfield Village since November prompting worries the ground may sink.

A small hole leaking water first appeared outside Susan and David Pearce's home in November last year and since then several more have appeared on their garden and on the road.

Believing it to be a bust pipe, the couple has passed their concerns to Severn Trent Water but the water company ran tests which confirmed it was not coming from its pipes.

A Severn Trent spokeswoman said it believes the leak may possibly be from groundwater.

Their daughter, Joanne Morgan, said: "Even in the heat we are having at the moment the puddles are still filling up and the water is going down the road.

"It's blistering hot but the water is still running out.

"My parents have called a number of different people to help but they are being passed from pillar to post and keep being told that they will be referred to someone else.

"But we're worried the ground is eventually going to give way with all these holes appearing."

Worcestershire County Council said the problem had not been reported but after Malvern Gazette got in touch they have requested a highways inspector to visit the site and report back.

Mrs Morgan added: "There are that many cars that come down the road and they are all hitting the puddles.

"I'm also worried because my mum and dad are getting on and they're having to drive through these hole."

A Severn Trent spokeswoman said: “We’ve been out to Madresfield Village on two occasions to investigate if the running water is coming from our network of pipes.

"Both times we used listening equipment to check for leaks, and in addition, we’ve tested the water to see if it is mains water.

"The results confirmed that this wasn’t water from our pipes, so it is possibly groundwater.

"We have fed these results back to our customer and advised her to contact her local council.”