PLANS to build more than 200 new houses around the edge of Malvern have just been unveiled.

Plans to build 110 homes on former allotments off Lower Howsell Road, owned by the Madresfield Estate, were introduced to the public at an exhibition at Malvern Cricket Club last Friday.

Four days later, a scheme for 41 new houses on a field off Broadlands Drive was unveiled at another exhibition, this time at Northleigh School.

And Worcestershire County Council has just applied for planning permission to build up to 59 new homes on land bordering Mayfield Road and Townsend Way.

Since the South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP), which provides a blueprint for development in the area until 2030, has not yet been completed, and Malvern Hills District Council cannot demonstrate a five-year land supply, national guidelines say housing developments deemed “sustainable” should be approved.

Cllr Julian Roskams of Malvern Hills’ independent group said: “Developers are submitting plans like these as a direct result of the council not having a local plan and a five-year housing list, as we’ve been warning for several years.”

Tuesday night’s exhibition was held by planning consultants Frampton on behalf of BDM Developments, and attracted about 100 residents.

Traffic in already-congested residential roads was one of the main worries, along with the impact on infrastructure including drainage and sewers. David Baker of Broadlands Drive said: “I’m astounded by the number of houses they’re planning. I CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 thought it would be five or so, but this is just too many.

“The roads are congested enough already, and my concern is that emergency vehicles won’t be able to get up there.”

Stephen McCarthy, also of Broadlands Drive, said: “They’ve just built 750 houses on North Site, so why do they need more?

“Also there’s wildlife in that field, including bats. People walking their dogs there in the evenings see them flying around.”

Andrew Massey of Cowleigh Bank said: “It’s going to cause havoc on the roads. There will be two cars per house minimum and the roads are already seriously congested.”

Paula Tompkins of Broadlands Drive said: “I just think this plan is awful. I don’t have reservations about it, I just completely object. This field is green space and should remain that way.”

And Alan Brewer of Cowleigh Bank said: “There should not be piecemeal development like this, because the proper infrastructure is never provided. If we must have housing developments, big developments like Warndon Villages, where roads, sewage, schools and so on are all part of it, are better.”

Louise Steele of Frampton said: “BDM is committed to engaging with the local community . We are keen to work with the local community to progress a high quality scheme which will positively contribute to the area and increase the local housing choice.”

But one resident who did not wish to be named called the exhibition a “tick-the box” exercise, which provided only “superficial information, and now indication of viable solutions to the key issues of water drainage, sewage and access”.