IT LOOKS like we could be set for nice weather for days to come.

Speaking earlier today Paul Michaelwaite from Pershore forecasters Netweather said the outlook for the weekend was largely positive.

“There is some risk of showers around lunch time but with any luck we could avoid them,” he said.

“There should be sunny spells during the day with temperatures around 22 or 23 degrees – about where it was on Friday.

“Sunday is possibly going to be a bit cloudy but hopefully there will be some breaks in the cloud.

“There shouldn’t be any showers and temperatures will be in the high teens – around 18 degrees.”

He added the good weather looked set to continue in the week ahead.

“It’ll stay mostly dry with temperatures generally around the high teens,” he said.

“Later in the week it might warm up but it might start a little bit cooler.”