POLICE in Worcester say they want a "peaceful" Wold Cup with England's first game kicking off tomorrow night.

West Mercia Police say they are prepared for keeping people safe during the World Cup in Brazil which has now begun.

More England games are also being held on Thursday and next Tuesday.

West Mercia Police has vowed  to act robustly to deal with incidents of anti-social behaviour, violence and domestic abuse.

Superintendent Steve Owen, who is leading the policing operation for the World Cup said: "We want everyone to enjoy the World Cup; it’s an exciting time for all football fans. A small minority may use the tournament as an opportunity for anti-social behaviour and we will have additional resources available across the counties to provide a reassuring presence as we try to prevent offences from happening. We will also be clamping down on drink-drivers, raising awareness of domestic violence, and encouraging the public to be aware of their own personal safety.

"It’s also important to respect the supporters of all teams and remember that not all Warwickshire and West Mercia residents and visitors are football fans and may not wish to celebrate the event.”

It is expected that with the later, Saturday night kick-off, many people will be drinking and officers are encouraging everyone to take steps to stay safe and make sure the evening is a memorable one for all the right reasons.

Officers are also issuing public safety advice, including stating hydrated and not drinking alcohol to excess.