POLICE are warning motorists in Malvern to be on their guard after four vehicles had their catalytic converters stolen in one night .

The offences all took place between 3pm on Monday, June 2, and 8.30pm the next day. Three of the targeted vehicles were in Malvern Wells: a Toyota Rav-4 parked at Westminster Road, a Land Rover Freelander at Wells Road and a Fiat Duplo at Eaton Road.

The fourth was a Toyota Hylux at Hornyold Road, North Malvern.

PC Dave Wise said: "Although catalytic converter theft has dropped dramatically in Malvern, we would still urge people to remain vigilant and watch out for any suspicious activity around their neighbours' vehicles.

"If someone you don't recognise appears to be working under a car at an unusual time of night, it may be a theft in progress and we would ask that the police be informed immediately."

And he also urged people to report thefts. He said: "It may prove to be key information in establishing patterns in offending or add to add to evidence against identified suspects."

Over the last few months, police have been working with Overdrive at the Howsell Road Industrial Estate in Malvern Link to provide marking of catalytic converters, and the firm can be contacted on 01684 575559 or andyh@hopeunlimited.org.uk.

PC Wise said: "We do have a good record of detaining suspects in possession of catalytic converters but we need to be able to identify those items. Having them marked allows us to do this easily and means we have a better chance of convicting the thieves."