A FILM made on a shoe-string budget will be given the red carpet treatment this weekend.

Drinking Class is a drama-comedy based in part on the experiences of writer-director Jack Millard's time growing up in Malvern and the movie is at once a love song to his hometown as well as a journey into drunken oblivion.

It is his first feature length production and the two-week shoot mainly took place in and around Malvern, with a budget of just £4,000 and the premiere will be held at Odeon, Foregate Street, Worcester, on Saturday, June 7 at 9am.

Drinking Class follows the struggles of an educated but alcoholic barman, named Jake Sanders - played by Mark Anthony Games - as he attempts to reach his potential.

The adventure begins when Jake meets Frances, a women determined to improve Jake's life, as she deems appropriate.

Mr Games said: "Jake Sanders was a real challenge to play - his addiction to drink, smoking and spending every spare moment in the pub is not something I could relate to.

"At the time I was a full time student reading sports and exercise science at the University of Worcester. I led a healthy life style, drank no more than two or three pints a week and have never smoked.

"So as an actor this was a dream chance to get inside a new mind set and persona."

Mr Games, who has also written and directed 11 films of his own, added: "I am a method actor, meaning I absorb the life of the character into mine and live it until the film is completed.

"So my poor girlfriend had to live with a stranger for two weeks. On many occasions I would call her Francis, my film girlfriends name - she forgave me.

"This film changed my future, as I then decided to change degree to study drama and screenwriting and pursue an acting career."

Drinking Class depicts the struggle of a man trying to overcome his own addiction and do the right thing by those around him and it looks likely to make audiences laugh and cry in equal measure.

Tickets are £5.50 on the door.

For more information, go to drinkingclass-film2014.com.