A "SUBSTANTIALLY improved" plan for 176 new homes in Pershore was given the green light by councillors who voted in favour of the new housing estate.

The application by Persimmon Homes South Midlands was backed by every councillor in Wychavon's Planning Committee on Thursday as they unanimously supported the development to the north of the town.

As part of the plans up to 176 homes will be built on the site, on land to the West of Station Road and including land to the north and west of the Ford House.

This is a reduction of 14 homes compared to the original proposal of 190 dwellings and ensures none of the gardens of the homes are in a flood zone.

But despite improvements to the scheme, which borders another approved development for 260 homes, it was still not given the support of Pershore Town Council.

District councillor and Pershore Town Mayor Charles Tucker said: "While this is a development that has substantially improved during the design. In particular the concern that I and other like minded members had in relation to maintaining the local aspect along Station Road." He also noted the forward thinking approach to flooding.

But he added the town council were unable to support development to the north of the town due to their concerns on the road infrastructure and lack of a link road bypassing the Pinvin crossroads.

"You are looking at something like 550 homes to the west of Station Road with other developments in the area you are looking at maybe 750 to 800 dwellings," added Cllr Tucker. "Without the northern link road there will be substantial difficulty at certain times of the day in getting into that road.

"We can't do anything about it is basically what's being said."

Pershore district Cllr David Brotheridge, who proposed the development, said: "Despite the size of this application and the number of dwellings proposed there's been very little opposition. The report tells us there has been five letters of opposition.

"The only way we will see the much needed highways improvements is to take the contributions."

Another local member, Cllr Val Wood said she would like to see allotments on the site. This was backed by chairman Cllr Linda Robinson and Cllr Judge Pearce and a condition was added to ensure the inclusion of allotments.