MALVERN Hills Lions have got together with the town's district nurses to provide a potentially lifesaving initiative for vulnerable patients.

The club is taking part in the Lions national Message in a Bottle scheme, which provides people with handy containers which hold their important medical information, and and are stored on the fridge at their homes.

If they have a medical emergency at home, stickers near their front doors alert the emergency services that the system is in use.

The Lions have so far donated over 500 Message in a Bottle containers to the community nursing teams, who will give them out to their patients.

Kate Davies, a nurse at the Whiteacres practice, said: “This has been welcomed by many of our most vulnerable patients and their relatives, and it is a great comfort to them to know that this information is easily available to the emergency services if they are called out to help. Everyone knows what to look for and where to find it.”

Dave Jeavons of the Lions said: “The club is proud to work with Kate and her colleagues, and to assist them in delivering their outstanding work for healthcare in Malvern. We hope that other organisations working with the vulnerable will also consider whether this scheme would be of help to their clients.”