BUSINESS leaders and homeowners have the chance to see the latest forensic anti-burglary technology in action during a meeting in St John's, Worcester.

Visitors have the chance to see StranDNA (UK) Limited's Chain Reaction Forensic door alarm (a forensic burglary deterrent) which stains burglars with a UV based chemical agent during a demo at a meeting of the West Side Neighbourhood Watch at the youth centre in Swanpool Walk between 10am and 4pm on Friday, May 16.

Graham Houghton, link co-ordinator of West Side Neighbourhood Watch, said the meeting was a good opportunity for businesses to protect their premises after a spate of commercial break-ins but it could also be used to protect homes and shops.

He said: "It's a good deterrent against burglary. Burglars will be marked and it takes ages to come off."

We have reported in the Worcester News recently how West Mercia Police had reported burglaries in the city centre, Diglis and St John's.

The DNA trace technology is integrated with an Ultra Violet (UV) component and inserted into a pressurised canister. This security device is activated when an attempt is made to unlawfully force entry through the front or rear door of a home.

The responds by emitting a high decibel screech alarm and at the same time spraying a perpetrator with the chemical trace.

The alarm when activated will sound and evacuate for approximately three minutes and any persons or property that come into direct contact with this security device will be marked.

The DNA trace liquid is a clear non-toxic, UV based substance, this means is only visible under ultra-violet light and has a unique DNA code that when presented to clothes, skin or hair can remain for months depending on exfoliation and the amount of time clothing is washed.

Robin Walker, MP for Worcester, and the police crime and crime commissioner for West Mercia and his deputy are scheduled to attend.