PUPILS from a Malvern school have been given an a prize for high achievement in Drama.

A week after the Worcester Competitive Arts Festival, pupils from The Downs, Malvern in Colwall who had won their class were invited to perform at an evening concert in Worcester.

Georgina Wood and Eleanor Stiles performed their piece from Alan Aykbourn’s Invisible Friends while Henry Queen played a piece called The River which he composed himself .

At the end of the concert the organising Arts Council announced that The Downs Malvern was to be awarded the Arts Council Prize for High Achievement for Drama.

This trophy, which in the past has only been given to individuals, was awarded to all pupils who competed in the festival and for all their successes.

It was noted that The Downs consistently sends more participants to the Worcester Arts Festival than any other school and the council was grateful for the support the school gives each year to the Worcester Arts Festival.

Headmaster, Alastair Cook said: "All of us at The Downs Malvern can all feel justifiably proud of the excellent effort put in by all our performers.

"I am so very pleased with this award and know that we can maintain this excellent standard of work."