A BLIND man has hit out at the "low life scum" who pulled a knife on him in an attempted robbery, leaving him scared to leave the house.

Andy Muxlow, aged 44, has been robbed of his independence after the attack at about 7.30pm on Friday, March 28 in Geraldine Road, Malvern, left him too frightened to go out.

Mr Muxlow, of Orchid Court, Poolbrook, Malvern, is registered blind but was able to kick and punch the leg and face of one of the male offenders who held a knife to his throat and chest and demanded money.

He said: “This has really knocked my confidence and taken away my independence. I am very independent, or I was. Even though I have got very limited sight, nothing phases me or it didn't phase me in Malvern because I know Malvern like the back of my hand.

Mr Muxlow, who has no sight in his right eye and only six per cent vision in his left, feels he could have been badly injured if he wasn't able to fight back.

"I lashed out and I was lucky to make connection, to be fair. If I hadn't made connection I think it would have been a totally different game. I think I would have been in hospital.

"They are low life scum who thought they were picking on a vulnerable person but they didn't get away with it because I was able to fight back."

Mr Muxlow also praised the police for their response to the incident.

“The response from the police was superb. I couldn’t fault them and I hope someone will come forward with some information.”

He added: "It might sound stupid but I am pleased it happened to me where I could react. It could have been someone a bit more vulnerable."

It is believed there was at least two offenders and they may have been watching as he withdrew money from a cash machine opposite the Loco convenience store in Barnards Green.

One of the offenders was described as white, wearing a dark coloured top with white stripes on the shoulders.

Mr Muxlow was unable to run because he was afraid of colliding with something and although the offenders shouted threats after him, they did not attempt to follow him.

He was treated by an ambulance crew after having a panic attack but was otherwise not injured.

Anyone with information should call PC Doidge, quoting incident 630-S-280314, on the non-emergency number 101.