TRADE unionists took to the streets of Worcester today as part of a campaign to raise pay and living standards.

Members of Worcester Trades Union Council gathered in Angel Place to voice concern that wages are failing to keep pace with the cost of living.

They asked shoppers to sign a petition which will be sent to te leaders of the UK's three main political parties expressing their dismay that many people are not benefitting from the country's economic growth.

"We're trying to get the message out that the benefits of economic growth are going to the people at the top who are getting richer," said Pete McNally, chair of Worcester Trades Union Council.

"There is an imbalance.

"A recent report showed the five richest families in the UK have as much wealth as the bottom 20 per cent of the country.

“What we need are all jobs paid at least the living wage and an end to the scourge of temporary and zero hours contracts."

He said he appreciates that people have busy lives but urged workers to think about their working conditions.

The rally was part of the Trade Union Congress’ Fair Pay Fortnight.

Similar protests were made across the West Midlands with a summit planned for Birmingham Town Hall next Friday (April 4).