HERE comes the sun, do do do do, here comes the sun, and I say, it's about time.

Although the week started off with the people of Worcestershire scraping ice off their cars on Monday and drenched everyone during the week, we're getting the suncream out for temperatures that could reach their 20s on the weekend.

Ian Michaelwaite, from Pershore-based Netweather, delivered the glorious news that with the loss of an hour bringing in spring officially, so will the warm weather.

He said: "It's looking pretty good. It's not going to be wall to wall sunshine but there'll be plenty of spells around so it will be hitting 17C, maybe 18C at times. Definitely a big improvement from the weather we've been experiencing this week.

"Looking at Sunday, it's kind of a similar story - 8C or 9C overnight, then maybe a degree or two higher in the morning but there might be a 20C in there but it's pushing it and will probably peak at around 18C or 19C.

"There's still an easterly breeze that might that a bit of that away but all in all it's going to feel pretty pleasant."

But with the good news comes the bad.

"That's the upside but the downside will be for hayfever sufferers. It could all kick off with the warm weather so have your anti-histamines on hand just in case."

Before we reach the weekend though, we must endure another day of showers today (March 28), and next week Malvern-based forecaster Frank Hill said it will drop back down again.

"We are stuck with the easterly winds for several day and expect mostly cloudy weather next week with more rain or showers at times. Temperatures are expected to reach around 5C at night and 12C in the afternoons," he said.