PEOPLE in Worcester have got their first glimpse of the new-look tower blocks in St John’s.

Now 60 weeks into the development, scaffolding is beginning to come down from the blocks, two floors at at time, to ensure the rendering and scaffolding doesn’t mark the building and gives it the best possible finish.

The resident’s lounge in Cripplegate House, which is to be used for residents’ clubs and groups and as a spot take in the views and enjoy the impending summer, has been revealed.

Mike Rothwell, head of property investment at Worcester Community Housing, which has carried out the work, said: “ Work is still ongoing, but this stage is always the most exciting bit.

“Most of the interior work, in terms of replacing windows and balconies, has been done and more and more of the building will be revealed, giving residents and the public the chance to see it all coming together.

“We will work on Cripplegate House, then move progressively onto Henwick House and finally onto Severn House. All the final work should come to fruition at the same time though.”

All three blocks have followed the same colour scheme, with the building being a darker colour at the base, getting gradually lighter as the building gets higher.

An added bonus of the flats’ rejuvenation will be two lifts in every block that go to each floor, replacing the previous lifts, which saw one lift for odd-numbered floors and one for even.

Mr Rothwell said: “We wanted to do that for residents, as before with lifts going to designated floors, it caused a massive problem if one of the lifts broke down.”

“We also have one lift that goes directly to the resident’s lounge.”

The makeover is expected to be completed by July.