A MALVERN town councillor has launched a petition in protest at senior Malvern Hills district councillors awarding themselves big pay rises.

Cllr Martin Lawrence is appealing for both signatures and volunteers to help his 'Pig Count Petition' reach his initial target of 750 names.

The petition calls on district council members to rethink the rise in allowances, or declare that if the decision is not reversed, to donate their increases to charity.

He said: "The district council policy is that if a petition reaches 750 names, the issue it raises has to be debated by the full council. That's what I hope to achieve.

"I want to hear from anyone who feels the same way who will sign the petition, and, more importantly, form anyone who can spare an hour of their time to collect signatures."

Even when he hits the magic figure, he hopes to keep the petition open until the district council elections in May 2015, although he has already ruled out standing as a candidate.

He said: "I chose not to do so in May 2013 when Chase Ward became vacant. Town and district councillors allegedly consult and represent residents, but only the latter get paid. In addition, they alone are able to vote to accept massive allowance rises."

District council leader David Hughes said: "This decision was reached in a proper open and democratic manner. Cllr Lawrence is entitled to his point of view. You will always get people who disagree with decisions."

Cllr Lawrence can be reached at martinlawrence4chase@gmail.com.