A CENTURY of literary history on Dymock will be celebrated with a charity fundraising run at the end of this month.

The Poets Path Potter offers a choice of three distances - eight miles, 16 miles or a marathon of 26 miles - along scenic countryside paths linked to the famous Dymock Poets.

The event is on Sunday, March 30, and will start at 9am from Wintour’s Green in front of Dymock church. Before the race starts, poet and runner Kathy Tytler will recite some poetry

The event uses three paths that were established to commemorate the group of poets who lived in and around Dymock in the run-up to the First World War, which started 100 years ago.

The event has been organised by Ledbury runner Phillip Howells, co-owner of Ledbury sports equipment business Ed and Phil.

Mr Howells said: "The poet Rupert Brooks, well known for his war poetry, lived in the area in 1914, so in a sense, this event is marking that anniversary."

All the proceeds after costs will be equally split between Dymock Parochial Church Council, to contribute towards £13,000 needed for a new roof, Gloucester County Council, for upkeep of the Poets Paths, and to the Ed and Phil charity, Sport for Good.

The event HQ is at Dymock Cricket Club and although participants have been asked to register in advance, entries on the day are expected to be possible. Anyone turning up on the day should arrive in time to be ready to leave the HQ at 8.30am.

The routes pass through the HQ at the end of each loop, but participants are advised they should treat the events as being self-navigating and self-supporting, with no marshals and water stations.

For more information contact organiser Mr Howells on phillip@edandphil.co.uk or 07802 260906.