AFTER the recent bad weather, there may finally be some good news on the way.

Although this winter is said to be the wettest on record, February is shaping up to be milder than usual meaning Spring may be closer than we think.

Ian Michaelwaite, of, said the average temperature for this February had been 6.8C despite the typical average for Central England for this time of year normally being 4.2C.

Mr Michaelwaite said: "That really is a big swing.

"It's more than 50 per cent warmer than the average so it's startlingly high.

"The average temperature for March is 6.3C so February has already been warmer than we'd expect in March.

"It's a spring-like temperature."

Mr Michaelwaite said the mild temperatures were likely to give way to cooler weather after Friday before it becomes milder again after the weekend but it should be bright and for the most part dry.

Wendy Carter, from the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, said colourful changes were happening at their sites across the county.

She said: "Here at Smite farm we've got primroses, crocuses, snowdrops and some daffodils.

"There are lots of grasses and vegetation growing really quickly which is good to see.

"In some of our woodlands the bluebell leaves are starting to come through.

"There are lots of honey bees that have woken up and are getting out and about along with some bumblebees and butterflies.

"And the birds are starting up their territorial songs already."