AN EVENT company in Worcestershire is urging people and companies to band together to help set up a month's worth of Flood Relief Concerts throughout the county.

Malvin Hobbs, at Event Excellence, was an ambulance assistant during the floods of 2007 and now the situation is not only repeating itself but is potentially worse, he wants to help those in need.

He said: "This is when all companies and people should unite and say we’re doing it to help everyone. We’re trying to do as much as possible but the more support we can get the better it will be. We’re looking for sponsors of the events, we're looking for venues for the events and bands to play at them.

"This isn't just to help Worcester, we need to take into consideration Worcester, Upton, Malvern, Pershore and Evesham and help everyone who needs it."

Starting from Friday, March 7, at the Talbot in Barbourne, tribute bands, original bands and other musical acts will take to the stage on Friday and Saturday every week until a final large relief concert which is to be held at the end of the month.

All the money raised from the efforts will be put into a pot at the end of the shows and divided between families, people, businesses and anyone else who has been hurt by the flooding.

Those looking to help or donate, recommend venues or acts, or sign up themselves, should call Malvin Hobbs on 01684 439764 or email