WITH a touch of the Fol-de-Rols and even maybe a Hi-de-Hi, Karen Sutton, co-owner of Beacon DentalCare in Malvern link caused a stir at a dental conference in Manchester when she taught 40 unsuspecting dentists to Morris dance

Dr Sutton, who is also the ‘Fool’ for Leominster- based Jenny Pipes Morris, said "I was thrilled to be invited to speak at the customer service based dental conference and decided to make it a memorable presentation. Because I wanted to stand out from the crowd, I danced into the room in my full Morris dancing kit with bells and hankies waving, then gave my conference speech using my Morris stick instead of the more conventional laser pointer to illustrate my points. My presentation was based on how we can make our dental services more friendly to working mums like myself , or ’wonderwomen’ as I called them. My teenage daughter was just relieved I didn’t dress up as Wonderwoman for the conference."

Dr Sutton explained to the audience of 140 dentists and their team members that by making services accessible and enjoyable for working women who struggle to manage their busy lives and families, services for everyone will be better.

Other speakers at the Treasure Map 8 Dental Conference included Dr Yar Zuk, who is famous for being the dentist who bought John Lennon’s tooth, Amy Workman, young dental therapist of the year 2014, and Wendy Briggs, the American hygienist and coach at the Team Training Institute.

Dr Sutton added: "With such world class speakers in customer service, I really wanted to make an impact and leave the delegates with something to help them remember what I was saying. I hope having the chance to perform the Leominster Stick Dance has done that. The feedback was really positive, there might be a few other Morris dancing dentists in the making."