LEAGUE tables may not be the best indication of how well a school is doing according to one Malvern headteacher.

Antony Clark, head of Malvern College, spoke out after the Department for Education published performance data of all the secondary schools in the country.

He said: "I think we question the value of these tables in terms of what they are demonstrating.

"We do GCSEs and iGCSEs and challenge the students with more iGCSEs and do the international baccalaureate as well as A levels.

"Whilst there is no hierarchy they are very different.

"In one we do six subjects whereas with A levels you do three or four.

"It's a different number of papers and different academic requirements."

Mr Clark said the school preferred to look at the all-round education of students and placed importance on the value added measure of seeing where its pupils started from and where they ended up.