A MAJORITY of Wellington Heath residents took the time to complete a questionnaire for a revised parish plan.

The update is for a plan that was originally published in 2006.

in total, there were 126 returns, which represents seventy per cent of the possible respondents, and the results are now out.

One big issues of concern was need to improve local roads, with both the number of pot-holes and road drainage causing concerns.

Most residents stressed the importance of keeping a village pub, The Farmer's Arms, and there are also calls for the provision of a play area and village shop.

There were calls for more parking areas at the nearest train station, at Ledbury, and while villagers are happy with the countryside paths network, they would like more. Villagers would like to see better verge trimming, ditch clearance and drainage.

Most respondents feel safe, but would like to see more police patrols.

Younger villagers called for more activities at the Memorial Hall, especially for drama and dance.