TRADERS are up in arms over a spate of graffiti in Great Malvern.

Since Christmas Day, two homes, a bank, a pub and shops in the area have been spray-painted.

Chris Marks, of Malvern Trader’s Association, said: “It is not appropriate that somebody has decided they have the right to deface somebody else’s property. There is no reason to do this.

“They think they are being really clever, but in actual fact, they just need to grow up and find some other way to entertain themselves as they are clearly very bored with their lives at the moment.

“Malvern is a very scenic place and this sort of activity is not welcome here at all.

“I would ask the traders in the area to check their CCTV footage as this might lead to finding any information that could help the police.”

The graffiti seems to indicate a signature or theme, as a lot of it is written in the same type style and many examples of the graffiti spell the word ‘panda’.

Two homes in St Anne’s Road and Wells Road have both been tagged with the spray paint, and on Tuesday, December 31, police received reports that “abusive” graffiti had been sprayed on the White House Veterinary Centre.

On Friday, December 27, graffiti was spotted on the walls of stationery shop The Works in Church Street, near the entrance to Mountain Warehouse.

Symon Hambrey, manager of The Works, said: “Customers remind us it’s there when they come in, but we have now got to wait for head office instructions as to what to do regarding the cleaning.

“I don’t see why we should have to do it; the person responsible for doing it should clean it.”

The word panda has also been written on the HSBC bank in Church Street, and on the walls of the Unicorn Inn.

The council-run car park behind Ask, off St Anne’s Road, has been sprayed with the tag ‘panda’ too.

Patrick Mcgarvey, general manager of Ask restaurant, said: “When I noticed it I wasn’t best pleased, it looks a mess.

“I’m surprised to see it in this area, but I hope it gets cleared up soon. I don’t know what it’s supposed to be or say, but it doesn’t look great.”

West Mercia Police said: “This is criminal damage and anti-social behaviour. Some examples of the graffiti, including the vet’s surgery, are abusive in nature.

“Investigations are on-going but anyone with information should contact 101.”