LITTLE ones will be sitting pretty, thanks to a bumper donation made to Malvern’s Nappy Advisory Service (NAS).

The group has received £492 from The Cooperative Group’s Membership Community Fund, which will go towards replacing some of the older nappies in the kits they lend to parents who want to use washable nappies.

The service, which also offers advice and support for new parents, will also use the money towards its insurance bill.

Penny Broderick, who runs the service, said: "We are really grateful for this money as some of our nappies are getting quite worn and tatty now so we will use this money to replace them.

“Funding is becoming ever harder to secure, therefore we were delighted to hear that we were successful in securing this grant from The Co-operative. The cash has made a huge difference to the group.”

Any worn or replaced nappies that other nappy libraries cannot use will either go to communities in Africa or be recycled into wipes and boosters.

For more information, email nas@penny or log on to NAS.