A GROUP of karate enthusiasts from Upton made their moves for 24 hours in a charity fund-raising challenge.

Upton Karate-do Shotokai, which meets at the Hill Centre, held the kata-thon to raise money for the Queen Elizabeth Hospitals Charities (the Liver Foundation).

The event was held in memory of karate student Mark Dearling, who died of liver disease a year ago. Mr Dearling was a member of the Bristol-based Zenshin Dojo, with which the Upton group has close links.

Kata are sequences of techniques and applications which form the “living textbook” of karate. They require physical effort and great mental focus to perform correctly. Children and adults started the challenge at 6pm on Friday and went through 24 hours of training.

They were joined by members of the Bristol dojo and other clubs. Mr Dearling’s mother Pat was among the group who came up from Bristol for the event.

Rob Kinnersley, of Upton Karate-do Shotokai, said: “The money’s not all in yet, but we’re hoping to hit £1,000.

“We made £100 just selling bacon butties. There was a football match at the centre and all the spectators became our customers.

“It’s fantastic how the kids stayed focused, a great advertisement for what martial arts training can do for children.”