THE new medical scanner for Malvern Community Hospital will be a boon to back pain patients, says one sufferer.

The Gazette and the hospital’s Friends aim to raise £60,000 through the Ease the Pain campaign to buy the device for a new pain clinic at the hospital.

And pensioner Irene Tretheway of Benbow Close, Malvern Wells, says it will be “wonderful” when it is installed.

She said: “I’ve had trouble with my back for years, and the past two-and-a-half years have been particularly bad. I’ve had physio, acupuncture and so on but the pain clinic has been really wonderful.

“Having the treatment in Malvern will be wonderful as well, because for people with back pain like me, travelling some distance and getting in and out of the car can be a real ordeal.

“I’m delighted that people are supporting the appeal, because it will be a real asset for our community hospital.”

The appeal has just reached £27,500, up £8,000 from last week. Collection boxes have gone out to businesses in Malvern Link, including Andrew Slater Hairdressers, Cridlan and Walker Butchers, Evans Pharmacy, Petals Florist, the Post Office, Richards Greengrocers, Oasis Cafe and Colston Bakery.

Friends secretary Maureen Williams said: “The support we’re getting in the community is tremendous. When I walked into the pharmacy they said ‘Of course we’ll take one’ before I could even open my mouth.”

If you are organising an event for our appeal contact Robert Hale on 01905 742283 or e-mail him at rh@


THE image intensifier that the Gazette is raising money for will be a great boon to Malvern Community Hospital, says the doctor who will be using it.

Dr Mahesh Chaudhari will be in charge of the pain clinic set to start at the hospital shortly. It will treat people suffering with neck pain, back pain and sciatica.

“Diagnosis is one thing, but treatment is another, and for this, the C-arm image intensifier is a vital tool,” he said.

“We treat many of these conditions with injections and they have to be placed with great accuracy to ensure they are as effective as possible. This is where the image intensifier is so valuable.