A WOMAN in her 60s was the victim of skilled thieves who stole her credit card just moments after she used a town centre cash machine.

The woman was on Edith Walk, Great Malvern, when she was tricked by a couple shortly after she withdrew money from Barclays Bank, Worcester Road.

More than £300 was spent on her credit card.

A couple stopped to ask her if she had dropped a £10 note they were holding at about 2.30pm on Friday. The man kept touching or putting his hands above her purse while she checked.

Having found she hadn’t lost any money, they asked her to change it for two £5 notes and as she re-opened her purse the man again got close and touched her purse.

PC Heather Leech, from Malvern police station, said: “I am keen to hear from anyone who may have information about this incident, or anyone who believes they may have been targeted in a similar way recently either in Malvern or elsewhere.

“We would also like to take this opportunity to remind people they should remain alert at all times and pay attention to their personal safety whenever they are out and about.

“While these incidents are not common, they do occur on a regular basis throughout Worcestershire. We advise people to take precautions to ensure personal belongings are always kept safe and within sight.

“As in this case, it only takes a split second for a skilled opportunist thief to strike and therefore if you are suspicious of someone’s behaviour, do not tolerate it and put your personal security first.”

The man was described as being white, in his late 20s, 5ft 6ins tall and slim. He had short brown hair with a side parting. He was wearing jeans and a jacket.

The woman was also white, in her 20s, 5ft 6ins tall and slim. She was wearing jeans, a grey jacket and a grey woollen hat, and had a black mark on an upper tooth. Both were described as scruffy and spoke poor English.

Anyone with information should call police, quoting reference number 134N 01/03/13, on the non-emergency number 101.