HUNDREDS of students jumped to it when they created their own version of the latest internet craze and it has already been viewed more than 12,000 times!

About 250 pupils from the Chase Sixth Form along with headteacher Kevin Peck performed the Harlem Shake, which is a 30-second video that sees one person dancing in a room with their face covered before everyone else joins in after 15 seconds.

It has been viewed more than 12,000 times after the original by the Sunny Coast Skate Group, five teenagers from Queensland, Australia, went viral on YouTube.

Pupil Ben Londesbrough, who filmed the attempt, said: “We had no idea that the video would be as popular as it is.

“Our Sixth Form Harlem Shake was a bit of fun at the end of term organised by students, which provided us all with some excitement before settling down to revise.”

He added: “Our sixth form wanted to take part because we all found the videos entertaining and thought that doing a group Sixth Form one would bring a group cohesion and enthusiasm towards to end of term.”

It is set to the beat of song Harlem Shake by electronic musician Baauer and the second half of the video involves a massed group of people dancing and seemingly going crazy.

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