A TOP breast surgeon has praised the “amazing commitment” of the people of Worcestershire after fund-raisers celebrated the halfway mark for a new breast unit.

Consultant breast surgeon Steven Thrush thanked all those who have so far helped the Worcestershire Breast Unit Campaign reach the special milestone.

We reported on Friday how the charity had raised £905,171 towards the £1.8 million total needed to create the new unit at 220 Newtown Road, near Worcestershire Royal Hospital, in Worcester.

Mr Thrush, who first came up with the idea for the new unit, said: “It is a major milestone and it shows the amazing commitment from the county towards the development of the unit.

“I just think it’s brilliant and I can’t wait for us to start building and getting things moving.

“When I first came and looked at the hospital I was impressed with lots of areas and the doctors and surgeons who worked here but I did see there was quite a deficiency in the breast service which could be improved by this development.

“The development of a breast unit will be a major advance for the county. I’m amazed how much the public have supported it. It makes you proud of Worcestershire.”

Mr Thrush said the halfway total would allow the campaign to get more money from trusts meaning the second half of the total would be much easier to raise than the first.

Your Worcester News will continue to support the campaign until the last penny has been raised for the unit and have been promoting it since it was first launched more than three years ago.

At the moment, clinics are spread out across the main hospital, often over different floors, which makes care far from ideal for both patients and staff.

The unit would be a one-stop for all breast care patients, designed with input from patients and their friends and family with a strong emphasis on a less clinical atmosphere and improved privacy and dignity for patients.