ACTION could be taken to address speeding concerns in a residential road in Malvern.

Businessman Richard Simmonds says he is “amazed” at the speed some drivers travel through 30mph Cowleigh Bank, in North Malvern, and fears that someone will be seriously hurt if the “frequent flouting of the law” is not stopped.

Mr Simmonds moved to Cowleigh Bank a year ago and says he has witnessed “countless” accidents and near misses since then.

He is particularly concerned about safety as there is a school, Northleigh Primary, just around the corner.

On Friday, November 30, a speeding driver knocked the wing mirror off Mr Simmonds’ parked car and drove off without stopping.

“This was a wing mirror, which ultimately can be replaced but of far more concern to the community is the danger presented to the children by these speeding drivers,” he said.

“It is a public road and everyone has a right to drive on it but I would implore people to pay a little bit more respect”

Councillor Beverley Nielsen, who represents the Malvern Trinity division on Worcestershire County Council, said she would raise the concerns with highways officers.

She believes the fact that Cowleigh Bank was recently resurfaced could encourage people to drive too quickly.

She will be asking for speed indicator devices to be installed in an attempt to slow people down.

Coun Nielsen added that, in the long-term, she would like to see more done to protect pedestrians in residential areas.

“I agree with some of my fellow councillors that we should have 20mph speed limits in residential areas,” she said.

“I think what we need is a change of culture to make sure people realise that the priority is pedestrians.”

Duncan Jones, headteacher at Northleigh Primary, said parents had not raised any concerns about Cowleigh Bank itself but there were sometimes problems with people driving too quickly along St Peters Road.