BANDS of heavy rain could cause flooding in Worcestershire, the Environment Agency warned today.


Slow-moving downpours are set to hit parts of central, southern and south west England and south east Wales over the coming days, with more than two inches of rain forecast to fall in some areas.

With the heavy rain falling on already saturated ground, there is a risk of rivers and groundwater flooding in the county.


Tonight, there was slow traffic on the A4440 Swinesherd Way caused by surface water.

And strong winds which are also forecast for the next few days could increase the risk of further surface water flooding as wind-blown leaves and debris could block drains, the government agency warned.


People are urged to keep up to date with the latest warnings online or sign up to its free flood warnings service.

The Met Office said it had weather warnings out for south west England and south east Wales, as well as western Scotland, over the next few days.


The first weather warning is for heavy rain in the South West and south east Wales.

A spokesman said: "We are looking at 15-30mm (0.6-1.2 inches) quite widely across that area and up to 40mm (1.6 inches) in the worst-hit areas.


"There's pretty saturated ground following the rain around today, so there's the possibility of seeing some localised flooding."

He also said there was a weather warning for Thursday for south western England and south east Wales, with a band of rain coming through of 20-40mm (0.8-1.6 inches) and up to 60mm (2.4 inches) in the worst-hit areas, and winds with gusts of up to 50-60mph.