THE 1964 comedy thriller 'Busybody' was performed very well by an all star cast. It is a Murder Mystery centred on an office cleaner who finds the managing director dead in his office with a paper knife in his back. The detective who is in charge of the case turns out to be a man the office cleaner knows from her youth.

The performance of Chrissie Cotterell as Mrs Piper, the cleaner, was excellent; she was hardly off the stage. She was partnered very well by Peter Amory (Detective Superintendent Baxter) who was not at all pleased to be regularly reminded of his origins by Mrs Piper.

The leading pair were backed up by a very strong cast who worked well together giving crisp line delivery and absolute conviction. There was a strong element of glamour with Tracy Shaw playing the philandering wife, Michelle Morris as the secretary and Gemma Bissex, the office worker. Jez Edwards played Detective Constable Goddard, who very humorously 'assisted' Baxter in the enquiry, Paul David-Gough gave a convincing role as the accountant, with charm and correct manners and of course there was Martyn Stanbridge who played Richard Marshall, the boss.

The disappearing evidence, contradictory information and meddlesome interference helped make the play increasingly complicated and inevitably funny. A very enjoyable evening which would appeal to all.

By Julie Hancock