FOR their next production, the Cradley Village Players present a witty and wicked up-date of a much-loved classic.

CVP are staging The Canterbury Tales – a play adapted from Geoffrey Chaucer’s famous original by writer Phil Woods and actor Michael Bogdanov – at Cradley School from Wednesday, April 11, to Saturday, April 14.

Director Meg Monk and her cast present some of Chaucer’s best loved stories including The Knight’s Tale, The Reeve’s Tale, The Wife of Bath’s Tale, The Nun’s Priest’s Tale and The Miller’s Tale.

Monk said: “Anyone who found Chaucer’s mediaeval language dry or difficult when forced to read it at school should think again for these are among the most romantic, moral and farcical tales ever told.

“And in this modern-language version, everything is easy to follow as larger-than-life characters reveal human nature at its most honourable and its most base – all done with a smile and a song.

“The show does contain a few suggestive scenes and a little bawdy language and we suspect it may not suit the very young or easily offended, but for everyone else, we promise an evening of colourful, compelling and goodspirited entertainment that you wont want to miss.”

Performances start at 7.30pm.

Tickets (£8) are available from Cradley Post Office or online from