WORCESTERSHIRE will soon be awash with poppies thanks to the hard work of a Malvern woman.

Chantel Summerfield has organised the Poppy Project which encourages schools, colleges and other organisations such as brownies, guides and scouts, to create a garden of remembrance by giving them free packs of poppy seeds.

The project is part of this summer's plans to commemorate 100 years since the First World War broke out in August 1914.

Miss Summerfield, who is secretary for the Herefordshire and Worcestershire branch of the Western Front Association, has already seen 150 schools sign up to take part.

She said: "I appealed for a grant from the Western Front Association and we were given £400.

"We are aiming to get all the schools in Herefordshire and Worcestershire interested in the First World War and learning about it so it doesn't get forgotten.

"We are offering the seeds to all schools and organisations around the county.

"We've even sent seeds to Glasgow and Reading.

"All we ask is that they involve the children and send us a picture.

"It's a simple act which hopefully will go on and on."

The schools are being asked to plant the seeds over the coming weeks so the gardens begin to flower around August, to coincide with the centenary.

Seeds are also being planted at the grass verge, near to Countrywide, at Newland, by Malvern Town Council as part of the project.

Miss Summerfield, of Frederick Road, said: "We are hoping there will be red across the two counties."

Anyone interested in taking part in the project should email chantel_summerfield@hotmail.com