POWICK Parish Council is on the search for new councillors to join their ranks to help serve the Powick and Callow End communities.

At a meeting at Powick Parish Hall on Wednesday, March 5, vice chairman Colin Phillips said the council was currently four councillors short and had not had a full set of councillors for at least five years.

When only four councillors and the council clerk, Michelle Alexander, could attend the last meeting, Cllr Phillips said: "We've never been this thin on the ground and we're struggling."

The two areas the council serves has a total population of about 5,000, and compared to Warndon Parish Council that has a population of about 10,000 people, where Ms Alexander is also clerk, they have double the councillors - 15 unlike Warndon's 8.

Ms Alexander said if new councillors could not be found, the council would be looking at reducing the number needed, so if less councillors attend a meeting, decisions can still be made in their absence as at present, at least five councillors must attend a meeting for matters to be proposed, seconded and decided upon.

To become a parish councillor, applicants must live or work within the Callow End or Powick parish.

For more information, or to apply, visit powickparish.org.uk/home.shtml, or contact the clerk by telephoning 07890 906869, or by emailing council@powickparish.org.uk.